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The specialist of panelised houses

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  • Fabrik-International uses the best materials available to pre-build the components used in your construction

  • All exterior walls are pre-built using 2"X 6" spruce on 16" center

  • 1/2 inch oriented strand board (OSB) is used

  • House wrap is Tyvek

  • Exterior walls can be insulated to R20, and the roof to R35

  • Inside partitions are pre-built using 2"X 4" spruce and anti-torsion bars

  • All components are numbered for easy assembly by your local crews

  • Sections may pre-built in 8 foot lengths, and up to 40 feet when a 3 man crew and a crane is available

  • The truss system and floor is engineered to your plans and are easily assembled on site by your local crew

  • Technical support may be provided using our own technicians

  • You may select packages built to different levels of completion

  • We can supply only the base structure, or complete turn-key packages

  • Waste and theft on site are reduced to a minimum

  • Our product is built to meet the most demanding construction codes.


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