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The specialist of panelised houses

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  • The exterior walls are made from kiln dried #1&2 grade spruce lumber, 2"x6", 16" o/c, pre-framed, sheeted with ” spruce plywood and TYVECK.
  • The walls can be shipped in sections of 8' to 53'.
  • The walls are numbered for easy assembly.
  • The interior partitions are made from  2"x4" 16” o/c  with 1"x3" ribbon on the centre.
  • Some 2"x4" and 2"x6" lumber is provided for bracings and for the sub-facias.
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  • The floor is composed of pre engineered open web trusses with 3/4" spruce plywood glued and screwed to the trusses.
  • The floor may be shipped in large sections or unassembled.
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  • The roof is composed of pre-engineered trusses, ” spruce plywood and H clips.
  • The trusses are engineered to meet or exceed the specifications of the location where the construction will be erected.
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  • The windows can be of the casement or double hung type.
  • They can be made from PVC or wood with aluminium clading on the outside.
  • Low E or argon gas can also be supplied.
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Exterior Doors

  • The exterior doors are insulated steel doors.
  • They can be suplied with half or full glasing and with
  • single or double sidelights as required by the plans.
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  • Interior doors are Masonite or pine  embossed Colonial type pre hung whith casing pre-cut
  • Interior bi-folds Masonite or pine  embossed Colonial, or could be in wood clear pine or oak
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Door Casings and Baseboards

  • Door casings and baseboards are included.
  • They can be made of jointed clear pine or of medium density fibre board (MDF)

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