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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions

Can I build-it myself?

If you have some background in carpentry, then, yes you can build it yourself. All of the components are numbered for easy assembly; much like a child's Lego construction set.

Why would I use a panelized house if am a contractor?

Using a panelised house will save you labor, time and money. You can build more houses and maintain a  better control over your costs. When using a crane to assist in the assembly, an entire  house can be erected in one day. The waste and theft on the site will be kept to minimum.

May I make changes to the standard plans?

Yes, certainly. You have unlimited flexibility in making changes to the base design.

Is it expensive?

Panelized houses become cheaper than stick built ones, when the entire cost of construction is taken into consideration. USA residents may also save on the curency exchange for the purchase of the panelized house itself.

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